Black Books Style

The ladies that come to visit us are looking for sexy but tasteful photos and that's what Black Books is all about, sexy, quality images and a relaxed fun day.Vintage Pin Up, Elegant Nude, Bridal Boudoir to Erotica. Black Books can be anything you want it to be, we don't stick to one style or look... so give us your ideas and we'll design the shoot around you.Check our main gallery to see the variety of styles within our lovely finished photo shoots!


Boudoir Experience for everyone

Having photographed boudoir ladies for 8 years now my main aim to put you at ease as i guide you through your photo shoot.You don't have to be a size 10 or 20 years old to have a Boudoir Photo shoot, with great styling, the right camera angles, lighting and bringing the right lingerie for your body shape, we can all look amazing. I have photographed ladies aged between 18 through to 60, size 6 to size 20. Don't worry about your tums, bums, scars, cellulite or blemishes. During your shoot i will always pose and light you to enhance your favourite features and post shoot i will wave my magic wand over your images to enhance the overall look ...though we always make sure they still look like you!


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