What to expect on the day..

Your day starts by sitting down with myself and your stylist having a brew and looking through your goodies;)... we can give you help and ideas or we can chat through your ideas. Next its into hair and make up, this part of your experience is not rushed, we take time to give you the best results and a few tips, fabby false eyelashes are included in your makeover too.While your being pampered i get to work planning your shoot influenced by your outfits and set up the studio with your favourites sets.Once your ready, you have a private area to change in and then its in the studio with just me, where i will direct you into sexy, flattering poses, this involves me doing all the posing too, so you can feel as ease and really relax and have fun. We shoot each pose until we get it  just right with lighting and composition, so your images are always totally perfect!
Post Photo shoot...
A few days after your photo shoot your images will be ready to view via your password protected on line gallery, so your privacy is guaranteed from start to finish. Your gallery will contain all your best images from your shoot, we like to take lots of variety, so you get a great selection to choose from. I also add an 'edited gallery' with a selection of my favourites that have had beautiful edited, including airbrush work, special effects and colour way work to give you an idea of  how your finished images will look after i've added my magic touch.Editing is subtle, and is undertaken with care and time. We want the images to look like you, so all retouching is to enhance only, hair, make up and lighting go a long way to help create the glamour and the editing is the icing on the cake.


The Photos!!...go to the galleries and let your imagination run wild

The images have been compiled from shoots from our lovely clients. Not all clients wish to display there shoots as its can be a private and personal experience, we only ever use ladies images with their permission.Thanks to all the brave girls that have allowed me to add their images to the website.

If I've not answered all your questions have a look at the Q&A page in this menu.