(this is her second time Anna has been to see us, last time was 4 years ago:)
Eeeek!  It's taken me all week just to calm down enough to respond.  I am blown away by how amazing I look in these pictures.  They're stunning!  Absolutely stunning!  Perfume ad stunning!  And they're of me!!  I can't believe it!   I've stopped being modest about myself and I'm walking around with a supermodel swagger as a result.  The first time I came four years ago, you made me realise having a baby hadn't destroyed my body beyond repair and that I was still attractive. 
Now, after another baby and turning 30, you've given me a set of photos that make me think my body's never looked better!  I don't know how you do it but thank you so much!  I love them all, I love how they look so old-school Hollywood!  I love how much variety there is; the fun pin-up stuff and the beautiful nudes!  And, above all, I love how they show me off!  I had so much fun with you and it still amazes me how easy it is to get naked in your studio. 
My husband is also very grateful.  I don't think he can quite believe how good his wife can look either!  He's taken the whole week to choose and it's been quite a challenge for him!  But he's finally picked his list, so here it is..I'm glad you're pleased too, didn't think I'd be as blown away as last time because I've been before but honestly, I'm even more stunned! 
Hi Jules...Spent the past hour looking at the photos. They are amazing...can't believe you made me look like that without photoshop! Well I have 60 favourites saved so far so I'll work at cutting that down in the next few days. Thanks so much, I had such a fun time at the shoot and I will be telling all my friends after the wedding. The husband to be is going to love them..Thanks again.
Hi Jules...Just a quick email to give you some feedback now my new husband has finally seen the photos. He thinks they are amazing and a great wedding present.Thanks so much



Hi Jules...Just to say a HUGE thankyou for today.  I loved every moment and it  was a truly amazing experience.  Please thank Rachel for me too - I can't  believe how WOW I looked.  You both are very skilled and lovely  ladies.  Will be saving up and come again next year! I keep looking at them all - I  am so very pleased  - for the first time in a very long time I actually  feel pretty and it has really boosted my confidence! I actually got quite emotional with quite a few of them!  With much love  Jill xx



Hi Jules.... God!  What can I say, the photos are amazing. 

I must thank you for being so wonderful (and gentle!) at the photosession on Monday.  You really did make me feel so at ease, it was like having coffee with a friend with a bit of a twist! 
Seriously though, you are every inch the professional and have really captured the essence of the kind of photos I was looking for for Hubby.  In respect of the artistic nude shots against the black backdrop (the silhouette shots), they're everything I'd hoped for and more, words can't convey how thrilled I am with those!
Neil has seen the proofs and he's blown away by them - he's amazed (and not to mention proud and delighted) that I went through with it and wants to order them all (bless!)  To be honest I think he's in a state of shock, but he's walking round with a permanent smile and talks about it all th time, so I think that's a thumbs up.  It's all down to you, so thank you Jules. Anyway, we're in the process of wittling them down, but it's not easy. 



Just to let you know my album arrived this morning, my photos are beautiful.
Thank you once again for an amazing experience, I may well be back shortly for more! My friends think they are fantastic also, some were even shocked by how good I looked!I shall let you know what the other half thinks of them when he has seen them and I'm sure he'll be blown away.



Hey jules, been away for a few days but just wanted to let you know that he absoloutely LOVED the pix!!! Apparently it's the best present he's ever received, obviously! He keeps phoning me and telling me he's reading his book and begging me to go round, so basically it had the desired effect!! He asked me to pass on his thanks. Said you're an awesome photographer!. So thanks again, you're a superstar.  Pammy xxx



Jules....What can I say? "Thank you" is the first word that comes to mind! I cried when I saw them and I am now having difficulty in choosing  the best shots. I can't believe that they are actually me! You made me feel and look amazing!

What the lovely You, and the lovely Andree did for my self-confidence on Monday is indescribable. I wish it could be bottled and believe me, if it could you'd be millionaires before you know it! You had, in the words of Shania Twain, "a way with me", and am sure all the other clients who have experienced your natural ability to bring out the best in people, via your talent and artistic creativity.
Above all else we had a laugh and I really really do thank You and Andree for what you did for me.I'll endeavour to get my choices back to you as soon as I can may be a while!!!
Thanks again...God bless.....Mikki (Rock Chikki) lol xxx


''Hi jules , I love the photos, I really do.  I can't tell you how good they've made me feel about myself and my body.  It's like I've seen myself again and it turns out, I'm quite hot!  Gone is the frumpy, lumpy, bumpy new-mum, now I see a femme-fatale and I'm loving it.  So is the hubby.  I can't stop telling people and I can't recommend it or you highly enough to anyone who's in need of a confidence boost.  I had a wonderful day, I felt confident and comfortable and worthy of being on a cover.  Thank you.  I'm sure to be back for more after baby #2 or just because I can!''

My'' Pin Up Gal'' Calender  arrived today and is brilliant!  Can't stop looking at it, which means hubbie hasn't had a look in yet!  Thank you for all your hard work on it, it looks amazing and makes me feel fantastic.  Reckon a night out dancing is in order now that I love how I look again!




OH MY WORD Jules you are a genius!!!!!!! Im thrilled at my book, i look amazing I cannot believe it's me in those photos!

 Well I'm married! We had the most perfect day and we have now just returned from our honeymoon in New York. The whole process was a dream come true and so much to take in. However one thing that Steve kept talking about all through the honeymoon and on the wedding day was the fabulous pictures you shot for me.Plus when I'm old and grey I can look back on the photos and smile at just how amazing you made me look! 

 Honestly I enjoyed my experience so so much. I was nervous as to what to expect when I walked in, but you were so friendly and put me at ease straight away. You understood exactly what I wanted to achieve from the pictures, not only to blow my future husbands mind and make his eyes pop out of his head, but you gave me such special memories and an amazing experience with pictures I can keep for ever!

 My makeup was beautiful as already explained I never really wear a lot of makeup but the results were fantastic. You are both geniuses and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for enabling me and my husband Steve to have something very special to share.




''Had a fab day at the studio! ...Myself and Yvonne loved our photoshoots, just everything about it was great, i'm a hairdresser myself and am normally really fussy about hair and make up but im did'nt even want to touch it after it was done.I used to be nearly 13st and have worked hard over the past year to shift it, when i see these photos it makes me so much more confident!

Thats when i  see that all my hard work has paid off!!


Hi Jules, first of all can I just say thanks for a fantastic couple of hours. You made me feel really comfortable yet really special at the same time, I am saving up for another session next year now! Thinking of getting a few extra  prints too for my family to say thanks for the fab pressie.Photos arrived this morning and look absolutely fantasic!!!!...Thanks you so much for a fabulous day and some wonderful memories x x x Ali x x x  


''Dita Von Teese eat your heart out!
Really pleased that you designed the shoot around myindividual style and look, and captured the true me. Lovin' the all the shots, you get just the right angles!!! ....Thanks so much x'

''Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for my shoot on sunday , had a really great time.....can't
wait to see the pictures!


The Fellas speak out too!!..


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!.....I always knew my wife was stunning but these photos are AMAZING!!.. she also says she had a fantasic and very relaxed time with you at the studio , so thank you for that too.. will  have trouble choosing our favourites. Thanks again, Will


Hi Jules, firstly thank you for the stunning photos you took of my wife, for my wedding gift. Really excellant photos. I would  also really like to order some more!!, let me know if this is possible... look forward cto haering from you,  Regards Rick


Hi Jules...My wife got me an album photographed by yourself as a wedding gift and I couldn't be happier. I'd go much further than to say how 'beautiful' she looked.Thanks to your shoot I canow see the absolute Goddess she is and always hasbeen. She looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous and I cannot thank you enough.It's an amazing gift, and her confidence has sky-rocketed from all the compliments I've been dishing out. Brilliant job, thank you so much!! :)-Dan 



And There More from the girls!


Had such an amazing morning Jules and you put me at ease from the moment i walked into the studio! You made me feel so special and the pictures are first class.My husband was so pleased with the calendar....  Thank's Jules! xxx


Hi Julie....I got married on Saturday (everything went brilliantly!) and I arranged Ian to have the photos in the morning,I'm quoting him "They were absolutely delightful.....extremely exciting......and they produced an instant reaction" !!!!!!....He simply hasn't stopped raving about them!!.....You're a star!....Personally I had a brilliant time and the whole experience has made me look at my body in a new and better light. It works wonders for self confidence and I think every girl should do it at least once in their lifetime.In fact I enjoyed it so much that I'd love to do it again..Yours with delight.....Sandra & Ian


Hi Jules,

Thanks for putting my gallery up so quickly, especially after spending all day with me!I've had a look through at the photos and started to get some idea of which ones to choose.There are a lot to choose from!I'll keep having a look over the next few days and hopefully I'll be able to narrow them down.

Thank you again for a fabulous day and a brilliant experience.Also thank you for feeding me!Please pass my thanks to Rachel again for helping to make me look amazing!.


Hi Jules!!

He LOVED it!!...He didn't realise it was me at first but he really loved it!! He couldn't believe how good the pics looked, we were both really pleased with them!

Vic x 


Hi Jules,

just to say last week i came home from a crap day at work and to look at all the pics cheered me right up! have spread the word about how fab you are and have a couple of friends that will be coming. Thanks again for the brilliant day on the 12th.
LOVE all the pics (i screamed when i saw the one with the pink rose petals its awesome!) and have chosen my final 20. Finally!!!



Hi Jules
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful photos.  I can't believe how lovely I look.  You and Louise really have done wonders. I thought we would order quite a few b&w shots but the make up and colours look so nice I'm really not sure.
I've looked through them a few times now and I'm still going to struggle to choose 20!  Maybe I'll just leave it to Andrew to make the final selection. He absolutely loves them! 
I really enjoyed the photo session and would do it all over again in an instant.  Instead of feeling uncomfortable and self conscious I felt relaxed and liberated and I think that shows in the photos!  As you predicted, I didn't want it to end!We'll be in touch at some point with our selection, but I think it is going to take a bit longer than I originally thought to choose!..Hope you are well.
Lizzy x
Hi Jules,
Just a quick note to let you know we have received our album.  The print is being framed as we speak.We are so pleased with the album, it is so gorgeous. So I should be famous soon when you add me to your website. Ha ha!...Thanks again for everything.
Jane & Matthew.
got the photos today i LOVE them thanks so much hun theyre gorgeous!!!!!!!! am spreading the word i promise :) xxx

Hi jules!

I just wanted to thank you for such a brilliant day! You were lovely and made me feel at ease straight away!It was a fantastic experience and i will definitely be recommending you to everyone!
You both did a great job in making me look fab and a can't thank you enough :)

Ill get on to looking at the pics straight away, im so excited!!
You are more than welcome to use my pics, im flattered you would want to :)

Thanks again Jules

xx xx


Hi Jules

 just wanted to let you know that my now-husband absolutely adored the book. I somehow managed to keep it secret, he really didn't have a clue. I put it on the bed in the bridal suite like I said I would, then sat and watched his face! You have never seen anyone so shocked or surprised. It was the last thing he expected and he's so proud of me.
We had an absolutely amazing day, and that was quite simply the naked cherry on the cake! Thanks again. I'll be in touch when it's eventually baby time because I definitely want some "bump" pics doing.

Rachel x 


Hi Jules,
Wow wow and double wow, they are fantastic.  He is going to love them!
 Thank you for making me feel so relaxed yesterday, I found it a liberating experience and think every woman should do it.So far I have got 50 favorites so a bit more work to do yet.  Love Joy x x

Wow - I am so impressed! I never thought I could look that pretty on camera!! Thanks



Hi jules,
Just had a look at my pics and they're great.... and yes no problem I'd be honoured if you used a couple of my images on your website.
Thanks again and I'll be in touch. soon


Thank you for these - Love them so much!!! Was hard but I have somehow whittled them down to 10 - although I could have easily taken more!!

Thanks very much, love em!! Kerry x 


Our Disc and print arrived this morning and are fantastic, the print is unbelievable and we cant thank you enough! Good luck with parenthood, it's hard work but great fun...most of the time!

Ta again, were made up!
Col and Wendy


Hi Jules,

Nick loved them thanks!!!  Our wedding was fab!!!


Hi Jules,
Oh my god!!!!  They are fantastic!!!!  My favourite is definitely the one you put in blue with me on the sofa!!!!  Blimey!!!! Thanks for working miracles!!!!!!


First of all, both Tania and myself would like to thank you again for the fantastic day we had on Monday. Tania said she really enjoyed being in front of the camera, all the girlie makeover, and the way you and Andre made her, and us, feel really welcome, and at ease. Cheers

Matt and Tan


You'll be pleased to know my other half loves them! He's in London today for meetings but went and sat in the park with his laptop and 3g card - he's only looked at five or six but said he couldn't stand up for a while afterwards :-) He said it's going to be very hard to choose and all the travel photos in the bedroom are being made redundant - they're to be replaced with me! 

I can't believe you haven't done any airbrushing yet - I look fab on loads of them! Thank you for making me look like a godess!

Nicola x


''Loving the photos!
They are even better than we imagined.Had looked for the right photographer 
to take some sexy photographs of us for while.Glad we chose you; you really put us at ease and made the whole shoot so much fun.Just want them all''

Ben and Shai


''Thanks for a great day, really appreciated all the personal touches that  i received from both you and louise on my photoshoot. I love my photos sooooo much and will be spreading the word''

Love Carolyn

''We've been looking at these photos for hours now and all we can say is 'Wow'. They're fantastic, thank you! We're going to find it hard to choose. We can't stop looking at them, they're brilliant and you've captured us so well  Almost speechless''

Love Liz n Bridget x 


''Taken quick look at photos and we are falling in love all over again -  all I  can say is HOT!!''

Paul and Kim 


''Just wanted to thanks both you and andree for makin my shoot so much fun and very special . You both made me feel so relaxed, and made me look so beautiful and feel totally sexy. Big thank you! Can't wait to see my pics''

Love Ces


Brilliant are a star!
I love them!. You have done an incredible job. I will def use you again in the future when i can afford to treat myself again!
Thanks again xx



Hi Jules,
Really really pleased with the photos.  Will enjoy looking through them later with hubbie, only problem is I don't know which to choose as they are all so good!
You can use whichever images you need for your website.
 Thanks again for such great photos and for making me feel so relaxed and at ease (and to Andree for the fabulous hair and makeup).
Wendy x


Thank you so much for everything and for squeezing me in before Christmas! I really enjoyed the shoot and will definitely recommend your work! I wish you a merry Christmas and once again thank you!!!

Sylvia x

Hi Jules
Just wanted to say thanks or today, you and Rachel were fantastic and I actually enjoyed myself!!!!!....... Thanks again youre a star!!!!!!!!
Tracey xx
Hi Julie.
 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!.... i love the end product...fantasic!!
Carrie x x 
Hi Jules

Photos arrived today and are fantastic. Still can't believe how good I look. Really pleased with them and can't wait to show Andy.Thank you so much.Love Kay x  
Thanks so much  Jules....Andrew was delighted with them!!!!!!!!!Love  Tracey x
Hi jules

I agree that the album came together really well. A nice memory to have. I like how you put some confetti in the box.I will be back for some more prints.All the best with your fab business.....Love Kate xxxx